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Cedacero to establish resource center

This summer, Hobart student Cristian Cedacero ’12 will help establish a worker education center this summer in nearby Lyons, N.Y.   Cedacero, who learned of the internship through the HWS Office of Intercultural Affairs, will work for the Rural and Migrant Ministry (RRM, is a statewide non-profit organization that, according to their website, “works for the creation of a just, rural New York State.”

Cedacero will work with rural, farm and migrant laborers in order to improve their living conditions and, as he says, “help them learn about their rights when it comes to Immigration and domestic violence by organizing events such as movie nights and workshops on these topics”

Starting June 1, Cedacero will begin work on the physical creation of the office, and then proceed to assist workers, from providing transportation to talking about solutions to legal problems regarding employment, wages and immigration.

“In order to meet their needs and get the word out about our center we are going do a lot of outreach work, visiting labor camps all summer long in order to develop a trustworthy relationship with farm workers, surveying their needs and interests, and then organizing events accordingly,” Cedacero says.

A sociology major, Cedacero also will assist in the creation and running of a two-week day camp for the middle-school age children of local workers.    

“I will help to develop an organization where people can come for help, where they can learn enough to be independent, and to stand up for themselves,” says Cedacero.

On campus, Cedacero is the co-president of project Nur, a student organization that shares the perspective of Muslims and the religion of Islam through the use of media, discussions and forums.  He also volunteers at a local church for a community lunch program, as well as at the Living Center, a local nursing home associated with Geneva General Hospital. Cedacero is working toward attaining his Leadership Certificate, the result of finishing a program that is offered by the HWS Centennial Center for Leadership.  Additionally, he hopes to be a certified EMT on campus by next fall.