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Stout ’11 to Shadow Photographers

Audrey Stout ’11 is learning the ins and outs of professional photography this summer with Ocean Exposure and C.A. Smith Photography in Kennebunkport, Maine. Stout is working with the photographers through the end of August.

On a daily basis, Stout assists the owners Chris and Cyndi Smith in shooting weddings and other events, uploading and editing photos. She hopes to learn more about a career in professional photography through asking questions and shadowing the photographers  from day to day.

“I have known the owners from my hometown since I have lived there, but I actually just confronted them about the internship recently and asked them if I could work with and shadow them in their duties,” says Stout.

Her initiative landed her the internship, and it will not only serve as a great resume builder for future pursuits, but it is also introducing her to the field of professional photography, enabling her to decide if she wishes to pursue it as a career.

Stout says the art classes she has taken at HWS, such as “Intro to Imaging” and “Time in Art” have helped prepare her for this internship. A double major in studio art and media and society with an arts and education minor, Stout knows that she will use her creativity in her future career.

“I have taken a few photography classes and I have really loved the subject. I would really like to get into the marketing and advertisement field, maybe even interior designing,” she says.

Outside of photography, Stout is a member of the William Smith squash team and volunteers for HWS’s Project Eye-to-Eye, a mentoring program with Geneva middle school students.