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Thel is out!

It is a rare thing for the written word to change its format.  However, Thel, HWS’s student-run literary and art magazine, is doing just that.  The magazine is published annually and features some of the finest poetry, photography, visual art and short stories currently being created by HWS students.  This year, Thel will be featured online as well as in its traditional print form. 

“This issue is a marvelous collection of verbal and visual work–the best we’ve had in years–really so much smart, stunning writing and imaging; it’s also a great service to the Colleges, specifically of course to the English Department, to have such a beautifully-rendered online version,” says Thel Faculty Advisor and Assistant Professor of English Karl Parker. 

This issue of Thel features 19 different student contributors, who came together to produce 20 poems, two short stories and seven photographs and paintings.  The new online form of Thel highlights the Colleges’ commitment to seeking out and performing environmentally responsible acts. 

“Because we choose not to charge for Thel, we have a limited circulation, and so this will allow us to get art and literature out to a broader audience on campus,” says student staff member Roger Arnold ’10. 

Arnold, who recently graduated cum laude from Hobart, is quick to point out the ways in which all duties at Thel are community ones.  As the first page of the magazine shows, there are only members and faculty advisors, not one overseeing editor.  All members of Thel share editing duties; and meetings are traditionally run by different members each time they occur. The staff at Thel engages in other on-campus activities as well.  This fall, they helped to put on a Slam poetry reading, and this spring some their poems could be found underfoot and around campus, written out in sidewalk chalk.

Thel is also advised by Associate Professor of English Melanie Conroy-Goldman.  It can be seen in its new electronic format on the English Department’s website:


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