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Alums Break Giving Records

The 600 alums on campus Saturday hailed from 46 classes and 28 states, not to mention Canada and Jamaica. With all the diversity present at Saturday’s President’s Reunion Forum, a common thread linked alums together: an incredible commitment to Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Among the awards given were 12 citations, two Young Alumnus/Alumna awards, one Lifetime Achievement Award and two Elizabeth Herendeen Odell Awards. In addition, representatives from the 10 returning Classes, as well as from the Classes of 2010, presented President Mark D. Gearan with checks for Reunion gifts that broke records for participation and money raised.

“Each and every gift helps the Colleges to address the needs of our students and faculty and makes an impact in every area of the Colleges’ operations,” said Kathy Killius Regan ’82, P’13, director of alumnae relations. “The success of the Annual Fund in providing more than $2.9 million this year in support of our students and faculty can be attributed in part to the exceptional generosity of the members of this year’s reunion classes and the excellent work of the Reunion Class volunteers.”

Kimberly Moore and Steve Nanfara, on behalf of the Classes of 2000, presented the President with a gift check in the amount of $31,530, the total gift raised by more than 18 percent of the members of the Classes of 2000 since 2005. In the past year, they raised $8,230.50.

The Classes of 2005 raised $5,107.59 this year for the Annual Fund. These alums broke the five-year participation record held by the Classes of 2002 with more than 32 percent participation. Michael Hoepp and Carla DeLucia presented a check for $33,899 on behalf of their classmates.

Jennifer Casey, representing the Classes of 1990, thanked the 20 percent of her classmates who gave $94,870.50 as their class gift. This year, they raised $9,770 for the Annual Fund.

The Classes of 1965, represented by Stephanie Hooper P’92 and Frank Schroeder III, raised a 45th Reunion class gift of $232,423.47. $44,752.70 was raised this year by the nearly 45 percent of ’65-ers who donated.

Reunion 2010

Fred Mosher P’08, Lynne Friedlander Jenco P’11, and 38 percent of their fellow classmates of 1980 raised $29,404.60 this year alone. Their five-year gift totaled $277,320.53.

The Classes of 2010 achieved the most successful Senior Gift drive in recent history totaling 70 percent of the graduating classes and $8,324. Because these recent graduates passed the 70 percent mark for participation, Chair of the Board of Trustees David Deming ’75 matched their gift 2:1. Marie Catillaz presented the total check for $24,972.

“We thank David Deming for his generosity and commitment to our Classes,” said Catillaz.

The 25th Reunion Gift totaled $311,278.40 with almost 34 percent of the Classes of ’85 donating $59,473.20 this year. Former Trustee Ellen Celli and Trustee Craig Stevens presented a check on behalf of their Classes.

Chevy Devaney, former assistant director of Intercultural Affairs, and Scott Perlman, along with more than 21 percent of the Classes of 1995, raised $20,234.95 this year and presented a Reunion gift of $317,698.88.

Susan Steinberg Lieberman and Bob Masteller presented a Reunion gift of $769,439.84. This year, the Classes of 1960 gave $66,403.80 to the Annual Fund. In addition, seven members of the Classes of 1960 have joined the Wheeler Society. Weeden presented the Classes of 1960 with the Founders’ Cup for achieving the highest giving percentage during their Reunion year: 48.82 percent.

The 35th Reunion Gift totaled $777,816.60, setting a new record for 35th Reunion gifts to the Annual Fund, presented by Susan Albert and Rick Solomon on behalf of the Classes of 1975. Nearly 46 percent of the Classes donated a total of $152,669.32 this year.

The Classes of 1970 donated $49,252.24 this year with a participation rate of more than 47 percent. Their 40th Reunion gift broke the record previously held by the Classes of 1966 with an amount of $3,389,521.82, presented by John Pulos and Christine Roy.  

Reunion 2010

“Each one of you makes a difference in the life of the Colleges and in the lives of our students, faculty and staff,” said Gearan. “I thank you.”

Director of Alumni Relations Jared Weeden’91 presented six Alumni Association Citations to alums who have made significant contributions to the Colleges with their time, talent, or treasure including: former Trustee Horace Allen ’85, Fred Mosher ’80, P’08, Rick Solomon ’75, P’10, Trustee Bob Gilman ’70, William May III ’60, and Bob Masteller ’60. Dan Bornstein ’95 received the Young Alumnus Award for his exceptional volunteer service and commitment to Hobart College, and former Trustee Will Weinstein ’60, L.H.D. ’04 was honored with the Lifetime Service Award for his extraordinary loyalty to the Colleges.

Regan honored outstanding alumnae with citations, including Susan Steinberg Lieberman ’60, P’86, P’88, P’98, Michele McVay-Crowley ’75, Sandra Rivera ’85, Sara Jacobs Wolpin ’60, P’87, P’90, Betty Good ’75, and Katie Illoway Schoettle ’75, P’03. The Young Alumna Award was given to Melanie Sage ’95 for her dedication to William Smith College. In addition, Regan presented former Trustee Barbara E. Tornow ’65 and former Trustee Chari Herendeen Briggs-Krenis ’60 with the Elizabeth Herendeen Odell Award, established in honor of Elizabeth Herendeen Odell ’22 and reserved for alumnae committed to the highest level of service to their alma mater.

The Hobart Class of 1985, with more than 16 percent of members returning for Reunion, received the Hobart Reunion Attendance trophy. The William Smith Class of 1960 received the Reunion Attendance trophy with an impressive 25 percent of class members back on campus.

“Reunion would not be a success without the unwavering effort of Class volunteers. The Colleges can’t thank them enough for all their hard work this year and we hope that you will remain involved,” said Weeden.


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