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An Anniversary to Remember

“It was our 40th anniversary, and I couldn’t decide how to mark the occasion in a way that would be fitting,” says Barbara Bozzuto.

So this past April, to commemorate their four decades together, Barbara established a scholarship in honor of her husband, HWS Trustee Tom Bozzuto ’68.

“Tom loves three things: his family, his business and Hobart,” Barbara says.  “I knew that if I purchased anything for him it wouldn’t have the significance and value as a gift to the Colleges, so I thought it was appropriate to honor him in this way.”

“It was a complete surprise,” says Tom, the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Bozzuto Group, which builds, manages, and develops apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes.  “I was delighted and I couldn’t think of a better gift to receive.  I went to Hobart on scholarships and financial aid, and to have a fund that would provide financial support to young people to get the kind of education I got at Hobart is extraordinarily important and meaningful.”

As the language of the scholarship reads, “The Thomas S. Bozzuto ’68 Endowed Scholarship Fund celebrates his dedication and commitment to Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  A lifelong supporter of his alma mater, Tom Bozzuto’s substantial and varied contributions to the Colleges are nothing short of remarkable.  A current member of the HWS Board of Trustees, a participant in the Executive in Residence Program, and a regular Reunion volunteer, Tom has also taken a lead role in supporting the Colleges’ capital campaign.  He was recognized by his peers with the 2008 Alumni Citation, which was awarded with gratitude and admiration for his longstanding engagement.”

Recipients of the scholarship will be academically qualified and financially deserving students, who, like the scholarship’s namesake, demonstrate leadership qualities through their involvement in the life of the Colleges.  

“When I met Tom, we didn’t have much in material things, but he had a wonderful future ahead of him, and he knew he wanted to be a success and Hobart prepared him for that,” Barbara says.  “I don’t think he could’ve flourished at another institution the way he did at Hobart.  He was active in campus life as a student.  He was a leader among his peers, and that quality of leadership was very valuable in shaping the rest of his life.  Right now he’s very active in the social, cultural and civic life of Baltimore.  He’s been active on the HWS Board of Trustees for the past 10 years and loves to talk to students and help them whenever he can.  He’s maintained that leadership, and I thought that someone who could exemplify those qualities of leadership is someone he could see a certain kinship with.”

“Young people who become involved in the Colleges will become involved in whatever community they live in for the rest of their life,” Tom says.  “Anyone who doesn’t take that opportunity to become involved is missing out.”