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Arts Triathlon to Complement Musselman

The Smith Center for the Arts will host a series of artists performing and improvising together in an entertaining, creative fusion on Saturday, July 10.  Hosted in conjunction with the Musselman Triathlon, the second annual “Musselman Arts Triathlon” features well-known composers, musicians, choreographers, dancers, and visual artists from the region who will perform from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Professor of Dance Donna Davenport says she jumped at the opportunity to incorporate the arts into the annual athletic event.

“The concept of a triathlon in three art forms sparked this project,” she explains. “It brings together not only renowned professional artists but also Geneva community members, including children, musicians, dancers, and painters.”

With the support of Jeff Henderson, race director of Musselman, Davenport is co-directing the event along with Mark Olivieri and Cherry Rahn.  Rahn, a sculptor, painter, and long-time resident of Geneva, describes the event as a “collaborative, improvisational, interactive, cumulative, sequential, real-time live performance event. There is a ‘happening’ atmosphere to this production that should invoke our playfulness and enjoyment.”  Olivieri, who will join HWS’s music department this fall, is a composer, musician, and teacher at SUNY Brockport, as well as a Musselman triathlete.

“The Arts Triathlon promises to be a marvelously creative and fun event, rewarding for all who participate on stage and in the audience,” says Davenport. “As a natural counterpart to the athletic races, it recognizes the physical toil, determination, and perseverance of artists as well as the passion and inspiration of athletes who push themselves to a level that exceeds common experience.”

Numerous professional artists are donating their time and talents to the event, including Bill Evans Dance Co., Present Tense Dance, and BIODANCE, as well as numerous members of the HWS community, including Davenport, Associate Professor of Dance Cadence Whittier, and Assistant Professor Michelle Ikle. Also dancing are recent alumnae Caitlyn Schrader ’10 and Bethany Fagan ’10, and current student Katherine Marino ’13.

Professor of Art Michael Bogin, Reina Apraez ’11, and Senior Project Manager of Buildings and Grounds Tom Bonacci will be painting a mural upstage while the music and dance ensues. Last year’s painting hangs in the Geneva Community Center, and this year’s will be divided up into smaller paintings and sold at a subsequent event at the Cracker Factory to benefit the Smith Center for the Arts.

Other performers include Professor of Music Bob Cowles, the Graham Keir Quartet, Kids College dancers, Mike Kaupa, Alden Gatt, Vanderlee African Percussion, Akoma Ntoso, Bill Evans, Courtney World, JJ Kaufmann, Anne Burnidge Dance, Timothy Baker, the Fracas Quartet, Triathlon Contemporary Players, and Be Here Now Ensemble.

The event is open to the public. Donations to the Smith Center for the Arts are invited in lieu of an admission charge. For more information, please visit