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Serving Two Nonprofits in One Summer

Erin Houck ’11 is participating in two internships this summer, both with nonprofit organizations in Dallas, Texas. Most of her time is spent working as an intern marketing and public relations coordinator for Camp Jubilee, a camp for children with sickle cell disease. In the position she develops community relationships, direct marketing programs and events to solicit volunteer partnerships. She also prepares marketing and promotional material to enhance public awareness of literary, social responsibility training and other outreach functions and plans and implements fundraising programs and strategies. When not working at Camp Jubilee, she performs similar work for the Arc of Dallas. The Arc is a membership nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities.

Houck says she searched for months last semester for an internship that could help tie her passion for creating art and marketing with her desire to help the less fortunate. Houck was also thankful that she spent the majority of her junior year at the Colleges developing a portfolio of graphic design pieces, advertisements and design logos for various products and organizations. The portfolio was required as she applied for the position with Camp Jubilee.

Other involvement on campus also aided her. She notes her Peer Education and Human Relations courses, “Making Connections,” and “Teaching for Change,” both taught by Director of Peer Education in Human Relations E.W. Quimbaya-Winship, helped her gain a deeper insight into the lives of those who are considered to be the non-privileged. Through those programs, she has been certified to help facilitate courses teaching youth and college students the difference between being privileged and being unprivileged.

On campus, Houck is part of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship club and the HWS Leads Program.