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Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

Like several other Hobart and William Smith students working in Washington, D.C. this summer, Caleb Campbell ’11 is interning with a governmental organization. He is working for the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization designed to revitalize the government.

“President and CEO Max Stier realized that in a couple years all of our government’s top executives are going to retire, leaving a huge gap of executive talent gone. The best way to ensure that our government remains running smoothly is to train younger generations through leadership development programs, and inspire them to work in the public/government sector,” says Campbell.

The company’s goal is to train the nation’s future government officials. Campbell himself works for the Government Transformation team in the Center for Government Leadership.  His department works mostly with high-level government executives. So far, he has had the opportunity to work with executives from several branches of government, such as the State and Defense Departments and the F.B.I.

Campbell’s duties vary from day-to-day but mostly center around large projects. He has written background reports, compiled studies regarding agencies seeking his company’s services, and coordinated trips and logistics for the program.

A double major in political science and public policy, Campbell says he enjoys immersing himself in the D.C. culture.  As an aspiring politician, he takes pleasure in the experience and opportunities the job provides.

“It’s been incredible. Right off the bat they gave me tons of responsibility and treat me with a lot of respect. I am excited to be doing such important work with the federal government.” 

On campus, Campbell is a senior intern at the Admissions Office, a civic leader at the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, tour manager for the Colleges’ Chorale, as well as a Trustee Scholar and member of the political science honor society. He also plays intramural volleyball and soccer.

HWS President Mark D. Gearan serves on the advisory board for the Partnership for Public Service.