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Summer Song of the Week

A unique fusion of  hip-hop, soul, and disco, the music that Ryan-O’Neil Edwards ’06 is releasing in his “Summer Song of the Week” series has the kind of beat you can’t help but dance to; and that is just what Edwards hopes to achieve.

“To me a summer song is one that is light in both timbre and topic. It can’t be something that the listeners need to focus on too much; it must be something that can be played in the background at a party or barbecue.”

Though Edwards, who received his bachelor of arts in music, came to HWS with a musical background, it wasn’t until his sophomore year at the Colleges that he began to write and record hip-hop music. However, Edwards says that he has recently taken a more singer-songwriter approach to his music. His songs this summer will reflect this change and will have a melodic feel to them despite their hip-hop roots.

While Edwards has been involved with mixtapes and music projects before, including the release of his own full-length LP “Hyphenated & Apostrophed,” this is his first foray into a solo project. 

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could write, record, release, and promote a project myself,” says Edwards, who is also taking over the technical aspects of producing. 

Edwards hopes that the project will attract listeners to his website. Releasing a song each week will have fans coming back often to check for more music. “I thought, if enough people hear about this project, then they’ll start to look out for other projects I’m working on.”

In the process, Edwards wants to garner support for his burgeoning career.  “I’m trying to reach the people who choose not to listen to the radio, and instead search for what they consider quality music. And when I find those people, I hope they like what they hear enough to share with their friends.”

The “Summer Song of the Week” features Edwards and his close friends, a talented group of contributing artists he calls “The Collective.” Each Tuesday for nine weeks this summer, a new track will be released on his website: 

Edwards is currently working on his second full-length LP with producer 100dbs.


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