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Hopkins ’10 Stays on to Research

Recent graduate Morgan Hopkins ’10 received her B.A. in psychology this May, but she still has unfinished business at the Colleges. She is currently conducting research while writing a book chapter with Jon Iuzzini, assistant professor of psychology.

“I’ve known since high school I wanted to study psychology but I thought at first I wanted to do clinical, until I took social psychology my sophomore year with Iuzzini,” explains Hopkins.

She conducted Honors research with Iuzzini over the past two years, completing, “The Impact of Hostile and Benevolent Sexist Attitudes on Acknowledgment of Male Privilege.” Iuzzini invited her to join him in writing a chapter for the book, “Teaching, Learning, and Intersecting Identities in Higher Education,” which he is co-editing with Susan Pliner, associate dean for teaching, learning, and assessment and the interim director of the Centennial Center for Leadership; and Cerri Banks, dean of William Smith College and assistant professor of education. Hopkins will use her theoretical understanding of intersectionality and issues of identity, in working on their chapter dealing with “Teaching and Learning in the Process of Research Collaboration: Issues of Identity, Power, and Privilege.”

“It’s an incredible opportunity to be published as an undergrad, but an even better one being published in a book that will go out into academic fields, (e.g., education, social justice work, psychology, etc.). This is an invaluable experience,” says Hopkins.

Iuzzini, Pliner and Banks are known for supporting the many student-led projects and events at HWS and Hopkins believes their impact on her student experience was significant.

“I’m working closely with Dean Banks this summer and she has been a great pillar of support, professionally and personally, and I can’t imagine my HWS experience without Professor Iuzzini; he was such an integral piece of my academic career and, without his support, I would not have accomplished what I did or had opportunities he provided.”

Hopkins was an active member of campus as a student, involved in various clubs, charities and women’s rights organizations. She was the president of Hip~NotiQ’s Step and Dance Team, as well as a member of Women’s Collective, College Democrats, and Student Movement for Real Change. She has taken trips to various ally conferences for social justice, most recently travelling to Buffalo, N.Y., for an LGBT Ally conference.


She will continue her education at the University of Houston, Texas.