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Parker ’09 To Work at Harper Collins

Kieran Patrick Parker ’09, MAT ’10, is proof that perseverance pays off in today’s job market.  While searching teaching and publishing job boards, a daily routine for the recent MAT graduate, he came across a position in publishing. Parker’s diligence has landed him a job with the publisher Harper Collins, where he will act as academic marketing assistant.

With a B.A. in English, and experience in the MAT program, he is well-prepared for his new role, “I can say with complete sincerity that this job could not have been a better fit for me if it were hand designed.” 

He will be responsible for familiarizing himself with the many titles printed by Harper Collins, as well as contributing to the “Harper Academic” blog and other academic resources. Parker will also have the opportunity to interact with individuals representing some of the nation’s most prestigious organizations such as the National Council for Teachers of English, the Modern Language Association, and the American Historical Society.

The Career Services office was instrumental in helping Parker explore his career options. In his senior year, he decided to take advantage of the career help offered at HWS.  “The thought that teaching was no longer a desire of mine — never crossed my mind,” he says, “But I came to the realization that, even with a master’s degree, getting a job was going to be no easy task.”  Through the help of the Salisbury Center for Career Services, he was able to secure two internships, as well as meet with a number of representatives from major publishing organizations, which sparked his interest in publishing.

Parker says he looks forward to speaking with educators, and being able to look at literature from a common perspective, that of a teacher. While at HWS, he was a part of the MAT program, where his work student-teaching allowed him to connect with teachers at the high school level.  This experience will prove invaluable when engaging in conversations with educational professionals from all across the country.

During his time in the MAT program, he conducted research on poor adolescent literacy performance and used his findings to create strategies for improving this situation. Because his duties at Harper Collins will require him to explore different ways in which the publisher’s titles can be incorporated in the classroom, he has the opportunity to put these strategies into use.

Parker says that much of his growth at HWS can be attributed to the relationships he formed with his fellow MAT colleagues and the professors that inspired him. Their support allowed him to recognize his potential, and challenged him to achieve it.

“Right now I am thrilled to have such exciting prospects. I am incredibly grateful to everyone in my HWS family that helped make it possible.”