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A “Lucky” Break

Thanks to hard work and networking, Daphney Etienne ’12 got to fulfill her dream of working for a fashion magazine. Etienne was offered internships with LuckySELF and Seventeen magazines and ultimately chose to work for Lucky.

“I have been interested in working for a fashion magazine since I got my first subscription to Teen Vogue,” says Etienne. “After years of reading folded and online magazines, I realized this could be my career.”

Lucky is a women’s magazine dedicated to trendy styles and shopping tips, considered by some to be the ultimate shopping guide for women.

“My involvements in HWS clubs such as CAB, HWS Cheers, and Koshare have helped me become more experienced with working in fast-paced environments and communicating with my peers.”

For the past month Etienne has been in charge of maintaining the fashion closet for the company, keeping order of all the brands they have in stock. She works within a large showroom where things are being prepared for photo shoots, models, and any other designer line being provided or shown. She realizes now more than ever, “large amounts of work go into putting a publication together.”

“I see this as a way to get my foot in the door of the industry.”