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Interning in Real Estate

Frank Leach ’11 had never really thought about a career in real estate until this summer. Thanks to a recommendation by his fraternity brothers at Sigma Phi, the political science major is learning more about the corporate world at his internship with The Bozzuto Group, a privately-held real estate organization based in Greenbelt, Md. Led by CEO Thomas S. Bozzuto ’68, the company oversees the operation and growth of diversified home building. Bozzuto has been a member of the Colleges’ Board of Trustees since 1999.

“I learned about the internship from some of my fraternity brothers who currently work for Bozzuto Management,” explains Leach. “Based on what they said about the company and the job itself, I was immediately interested.” After attending an information session when The Bozzuto Group came to campus, Leach realized this internship would be a great opportunity.

During a typical day as a sales and service associate, Leach’s duties vary between taking prospective residents around the properties, processing leases, communicating with current residents, and helping develop new ways to market property to customers.

“That’s the most challenging part of my internship: convincing prospective residents to lease an apartment at our property during a recession,” says Leach. “While some people think that the real estate market is slumping, the market for leasing has actually gone up. It is my job to convince the prospective residents that Liberty Towers best fits their needs and is a place where they could imagine themselves living.”

Overall, Leach hopes to gain an understanding of the corporate world and what career fields lie ahead.

“I went into this internship without much knowledge of what to expect. Over time, I have found my bearings and become acquainted with my daily responsibilities. It’s preparing me for post-graduate life.”

Leach has two minors, in history and law and society, and is president of the cycling club and co-president of club lacrosse.

In the photo above Leach has his photo taken with Dan Matuzak ’07 who works for the Bozzuto Group.