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HWS Smart Classroom Featured

LearnLab, manufactured by Steelcase, is a technology-enabled classroom being tested in 50 locations around the country – including HWS. In the June issue of Metropolis magazine, the Colleges’ LearnLab, located on the ground floor of Demerest Hall, is featured and diagrammed. Metropolis is a leading publication on the art of design.

According to the article, LearnLabs like the one at the Colleges mix “high- and low-tech solutions to support different learning styles. Portable whiteboards allow students to work in groups, and a CopyCam captures their notes. Math students distracted by having to scribble equations can rest assured that the CopyCam will scan them on the whiteboard and distribute them via the Room Wizard software. Visual learners will appreciate the possibilities of three independently wired projection screens that can be hooked up to any laptop in the room.”

The photos of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges LearnLab, with its triangular layout and projection screens, as well as the full article about new designs for classrooms by Steelcase, are online.

Horace Havemeyer III ’64 is the founder and publisher of Metropolis magazine. During his years at Hobart, Havemeyer was an English major and a member of the sailing and yacht clubs, Sigma Phi fraternity and the Inter-Fraternity Council. He served in the Army after graduation, and was twice a member of the HWS Board of Trustees, serving from 1980 to 1985 and again from 1991 to 1997.

Metropolis strives to “present the critical issues and projects that affect how design is practiced,” said Havemeyer, stressing that the magazine is a collaborative effort, and thanking his staff. “We want to show the beauty of design and also all else that is ‘hidden’ in the pictures of projects.”


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