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Leaders Thrilled to Meet New Students

Chris Bramwell ’11 and Kate Coley ’11, orientation coordinators for Orientation 2010, are busy doing last minute prep work.  This week they were busy putting together the folders students will receive when they arrive on campus, making sure photos have been submitted, but most of all, they’re getting excited.

“I’m thrilled to have students actually arrive!” says Coley, who has spent the summer in constant communication with the members of the Classes of 2014.  “I already know so many of them. We’ve been talking on Facebook, and I can’t wait to match names to faces. We’ve talked about clubs, getting involved on the HWS campus, and housing; we’ve even talked about Harry Potter!”

Recalling their own experiences on orientation weekend, Bramwell and Coley hope to create lasting memories. “One of my favorite parts of orientation was going to my first year seminar meeting; I met my professor and got to know the students I would be spending a semester with,” recollects Coley. “It really got me excited for classes to begin.”

Bramwell remembers moving into his dorm room in Bartlett Hall. “One of my first memories is of meeting my roommates. I was the first person to move in, but the last to meet everyone!” admits Bramwell. “The second I met them, I knew we were going to be great friends.”

In past years, orientation has featured “Battle of the Colleges,” pitting the men of Hobart against the William Smith women in a fierce competition for campus bragging rights. However, Bramwell and Coley have made some changes. “We want people to know that this year we’ve renamed it Battle AT the Colleges,” explains Coley.  Students will be grouped with their first year seminar classmates, competing against the other seminars. “We’re hoping to create unity within floors and seminars.”

 “We will test endurance, school spirit, and constitution,” jokes Bramwell. Tests of physical endurance include games of kickball and dodge ball, as well as the ominously named “Twisted Twister.”  Intellectual challenges will begin with the College Bowl, a Jeopardy-like quiz game, in honor of the game show victory of four HWS students in the 1961 College Bowl sponsored by General Electric. The question is: can the Classes of 2014 emerge from this challenge victorious?

Of course, the beloved Pizza Wars will return with full force, assure both coordinators.  However, even Pizza Wars, which allows incoming students to sample all of the pizza Geneva has to offer, will be undergoing a few changes.  “This year, Uptown Burrito will join the competition,” confides Bramwell. “There is even talk of a burrito pizza making an appearance.”

Bramwell and Coley have confidence that this year’s orientation will be the best one yet, thanks to the enthusiasm of the incoming first years. “I know that students are always excited to get to Hobart and William Smith, I certainly was, but this year’s class is absolutely anxious!” says Coley.  “They’ve had countdowns going on Facebook, and many of them arranged meet-ups with their classmates this summer. Classes of 2014 will finally be here!”


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