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Nicholas Ruth’s Art Show

“It’s rare that an artist gets an opportunity to show an entire body of work in one place with this level of professionalism,” remarks Associate Professor of Art Nicholas Ruth of his upcoming art show at The Cracker Factory.  “It’s a very exciting thing.”

The show, titled “One Night Stand and the Morning After,” opened on Saturday, Sept. 11, and closed – you guessed it – the morning after.  “In my experience, the reception of a show is where most people see your art, and I thought it would be fun to play to that fact,” says Ruth.  “I wanted to create a sense of excitement.  If it’s only one night, maybe people will be thinking: ‘Wow we better check this out now!'”

Ruth showed a large collection of his works – precisely 56 paintings that were representative of his current artistic endeavors.  “In 2005, I changed the focus of my work from geometric abstractions to a much more color based style of improvisational painting,” explains Ruth.  “I loved doing the geometric work – it helped me get at what I was trying to express – but it was also extremely technical.  I wanted to try something that made it easier for me to explore color more broadly.”

The paintings on display were vivid and whimsical, ranging in size from 2 feet to more than 6 feet.  Through the many pieces of the collection, dating from 2005 to the present, Ruth’s evolution was seen.  “The most recent works are starting to explore new themes,” says Ruth.

Though the focus of the evening is the large collection, Ruth also sold a good portion of his pre-2004 work.  “I’d rather have it in someone else’s home than in my closet!” jokes Ruth.  “But really, it’s a nice way to move forward.”

However, Ruth had another goal in selling his older works.  Twenty percent of the proceeds will go to The Cracker Factory to assist with programming.  “I wanted to do something that would recognize the effort that they have put into helping me present my work,” explains Ruth.

“The Cracker Factory is doing an amazing job of promoting the arts here in Geneva – for all of us. Their programming – whether it’s dance, visual arts, music – is high quality, totally top notch, and very professional,” says Ruth.  “It’s nice to know that a person can get my art and support a very important community resource at the same time.”

The Cracker Factory is located at 35 Lehigh Street at Avenue E.

To see samples of Ruth’s artwork, visit his website:



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