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Quinn ’08 and Vivando-Millington ’74 in FLT

Finger Lakes Times election panelists Anna Quinn '08 and Rosario Vivando-Millington '74 were quoted in the Oct. 10 Finger Lakes Times article “Bush aggressive, Kerry thoughtful” about the second presidential debate.

“This debate was more informal, the candidates were allowed to walk around, and it seemed in this setting, or perhaps in reaction to the first debate, President Bush was more aggressive with his statements,” said Quinn. “I felt as if I didn't see a defining line between where Bush stood and where Kerry differed.”

“The debate was interesting because of the contrasting styles with Sen. Kerry appearing thoughtful and serious and President Bush appearing this time flippant and jovial,” said Rosario Vivado-Millington. “Sen. Kerry backed his comments with analysis and solid evidence but President Bush resorted to rote repetition of phrases and labels, while taking cheap shots at Sen. Kerry. The most obvious was his comment that Sen. Kerry “can run but not hide” from the charge that he is a flip-flopper. President Reagan used this same phrase to describe terrorists trying to escape from American retribution. I found that not presidential at all on Bush's part.”