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Bodenlos Article Hits CNN, Boston Globe

An article co-authored by Jamie Bodenlos, assistant professor of psychology, was published this week in Archives of Dermatology (Vol. 146, No. 9, September 2010) and already has been referenced in a number of news outlets including CNN and The Boston Globe.

Bodenlos and her colleagues looked at the impact of skin cancer prevention intervention that promoted sunless tanning as an alternative to sunbathing. The article, “The Sunless Study: A Beach Randomized Trial of a Skin Cancer Prevention Intervention Promoting Sunless Tanning,” was authored by Sherry L. Pagoto, Ph.D.; Kristin L. Schneider, Ph.D.; Jessica Oleski, M.A.; Jamie S. Bodenlos, Ph.D.; and Yunsheng Ma, Ph.D.

According to CNN, the study “suggests encouraging women to use sunless tanning products may reduce unsafe sunbathing if the women are warned about the risks of tanning.

In that study, researchers at the University of Massachusetts recruited 250 women who were sunbathing on public beaches. The women were divided into two groups. Half of them received free cosmetics, while the other half received free sunless tanning products and information about skin cancer and the benefits of sunless tanning.

They also posed for ultraviolet photographs — a type of photography that reveals skin damage not visible to the naked eye.

After two months, the women who were urged to use sunless tanning products were sunbathing less frequently, had experienced fewer sunburns, and were more likely to wear protective clothing in the sun compared to the women in the control group.

After one year, the women who received sunless tanner were still sunbathing less frequently, but there were no other differences between the two groups.”

The full CNN article is available online.

The Boston Globe article is available in its “White Coat Notes” health blog.

Bodenlos joined the HWS faculty in 2009 after serving as an instructor in medicine at University of Massachusetts Medical School. She received a Ph.D. from Louisiana State University and did her post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where she began her research examining comorbidities between obesity and psychological disorders. Bodenlos has several papers published in this area of study.


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