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2010 Finger Lakes Film Festival

This November marks the 3rd annual Finger Lakes Film Festival. The festival is an outlet to allow local amateur filmmakers of all ages to show and receive feedback on their own original short films. Screenings of the films will take place on Nov. 2 and 4 and the awards night will take place on Nov. 6. 

Kevin Dunn, associate professor of political science, took part in spearheading the creation of the Film Festival, along with several local business owners.

“The Film Festival had two goals when we created it,” Dunn explains. “The first was to provide a platform for local amateur film makers to show their work. We have a great deal of talent in the immediate region: from middle and high school kids to college students to adults who make films as a hobby. We wanted to provide them with a place in which to show their work, but also where their work would be validated and encouraged. The second goal was to provide the local viewing audience with exposure to some really great home-grown talent. We want people to see what types of creativity is abounding in the community and, hopefully, to inspire them to be creative as well.”

The event has been well received. “We’ve had faculty, staff and students all contribute (and win) films in the past two years.” Dunn credits the success of the Film Festival “in large part to the great support we have gotten from all strands of the HWS community.”


Awards will be given in five categories: animation, documentary, experimental, narrative fiction, and music video. There are also three age categories, including one for college students.

For more information on the 2010 Finger Lakes Film Festival, visit http://www.geneva13.com/Film_Festival.html.


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