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Three Psych Internships

Alysha Perlman’ 11 recently completed two internships in the field of psychology, gaining both research and clinical experience. A psychology major with a double minor in child advocacy and political science, she obtained a research internship within the psychology department at Fairfield University. Perlman organized research and interpreted data collected via a survey on unemployment and people’s self-worth in the current job market. Her second internship involved working at Yale’s PRIME clinic in New Haven. Perlman helped the mental health center with a number of tasks.  She sat in on group therapy sessions for schizophrenic patients and helped conduct cognitive behavioral therapy on obsessive compulsive disorder patients.

Both internships came to her rather quickly. She obtained her research internship at Fairfield after a few correspondences with professors there.  A few weeks into her research, Perlman was asked if she was interested in working for Yale’s clinic; she started the day she went in to interview.

Perlman also returned to a job she’s held for four years in her hometown of Westport, Conn., working for the Westport Continuing Education’s Summer Program, helping run the program and working in the camp classrooms.

“I loved both internships and my job. The Fairfield internship was able to provide me with research experience, and the Yale internship was able to give me hands-on clinical experience.  And, since I love working with children, my job was able to provide me the ability to still work with kids,” she says.

Though she was busy every day, Perlman considered maintaining two internships and a job “an invaluable experience” because everything she did related back to her studies. While the internships were more relevant to her psychology major, her job related to her child advocacy minor.

Perlman plans to go on to graduate school for psychology. On campus, she is working on a community based research project for an independent study this fall.