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Feminism and Bioethics

This year, the annual Ann Palmeri Lecture in Feminist Philosophy features Lisa Parker, associate professor and director of graduate education at the Center for Bioethics and Health Law at the University of Pittsburgh.  Parker will present, “The Demands of Mothering and the Nature of Ethical Expertise: Feminism and Bioethics” on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 5 p.m. in the Fisher Center.

Parker’s lecture will address such questions as, “Are there ethical experts?” “What role should they play in hospitals or the healthcare reform debate?” “What can ethical experts learn from mothers?”

In addition to her role at the Center for Bioethics and Health Law, Parker is a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy, a member of the Steering Committee of the Women’s Studies Program, and a fellow of the Center for Philosophy of Science. She has published extensively on ethical concerns related to the design and conduct of research, particularly genetic research, as well as additional publications based upon aesthetic surgery, confidentiality, informed consent, and organ transplantation. She is a co-author of the second edition of “Informed Consent: Legal Theory and Clinical Practice” (Oxford 2001).

Parker’s current research interests include ethical issues arising in scientific research in general, as well as in genetic research and the provision of genetic services in particular; ethics in public health; feminist approaches to bioethical issues; and critical analysis of bioethics as a social practice and field of inquiry.

She currently collaborates on research with the University’s Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research in Late-Life Mood Disorders and serves as the bioethics training faculty member in two India-U.S. collaborative training programs sponsored by the Fogarty International Center of the NIH.

The Ann Palmeri Lecture is co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department and the Women’s Studies Program at HWS. These departments bring the annual event to campus in honor of Ann Palmeri, a feminist philosopher who taught at the Colleges in the late 1970s and early ’80s.