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Casto ’88 Runs Summer Lacrosse Camp

Chip Casto, a member of the Hobart Class of 1988, runs a two-week summer lacrosse camp in Montclair, N.J. with Matthew Trevenen. The camp is for kids in grades four through nine, and fluctuates between a mix of the game's core fundamentals, and new-age techniques that could be classified as freestyling, according to an article in the Aug. 26 Montclair Times story titled “Casto, Trevenen keep it going in The Park.” One of their innovations is teaching the kids handball.

“Coach Trevenen and I have been freaking out over the Olympics and team handball,” said Casto. “It's six dudes with a small volleyball and they just move it with their hands. We were commenting on how we would love to coach that because there are so many skills off ball movement and we wanted to give it a try and the kids love it. Their skill level with the stick is not high enough to take that for granted yet, so this is a way they can learn team concepts offensively. It helps get across skills differently.”