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Percentage of Possible Survey

Hobart and William Smith’s Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning has been selected as one of 10 universities given the opportunity to participate in The Assessment of Service and Civic Engagement (ASCE) created by the Siena College Research Institute.  The web-based survey was created by the research institute in order to evaluate student participation in community service and commitment to civic engagement.  The survey uses a series of questions to assess a college’s POP – or Percentage of Possible service. 

The survey will be sent via e-mail to students in early November. It is also available here. CCESL asks all HWS students to fill out the survey, as the information gathered will prove essential to the growth of community service on the HWS campus.  Because of the survey’s importance, prizes will also be awarded.  Those who complete the series of questions will be entered to win one of four $25 gift certificates to iTunes, and the residence hall floor with the greatest amount of participation will be awarded dinner with President Mark D. Gearan and his family. 

The survey results will help HWS determine how many students are participating in community service, how these participants are serving, and the depth with which they are involved in a project.  Once this is ascertained, the research institute can provide useful strategies specific to the Colleges’ level of engagement.  Identification of student motivations and obstacles on the HWS campus will also be determined, and SRI will then provide tips for effective outreach at HWS.


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