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Lugar ’10 Sells First Painting

Caitlin Lugar ’10 recently sold her first painting to a design company in San Francisco, Calif. The painting, titled “Reflection Pool,” is a 27-inch by 27-inch acrylic on masonite painted by Lugar in 2008, in an abstract painting class taught by Professor of Art Michael Bogin. For inspiration, she looked within.

“I just let go. I would put on my head phones and literally zone out, pulling whatever came out,” she explains.

Lugar earned her B.A. in studio art and Asian languages and cultures, magna cum laude. She studied abroad in Vietnam in the fall of 2008. After graduating, she returned to her native California. She works designing cards for a small card and stationery store.

At the suggestion of a friend, Lugar posted her art on and, within 24 hours, had sold “Reflection Pool.” The company that purchased the artwork, Isda and Co. is a small boutique and clothing designer in San Francisco. Lugar says the owner of the company loved the painting and is planning to use it for a print in one of their fall 2011 fashions.