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Horowitz ’98 Interviews Potter Cast

Joshua Horowitz ’98 recently interviewed the cast of Harry Potter for a segment he coined, “American Talk with Josh Horowitz,” which strives to teach “strange foreigners” to “speak American.” As managing editor for MTV Movie Digital, Horowitz regulates and coordinates how the network covers movies. In the case of Harry Potter, it seems he couldn’t resist seeing if the British cast members could tackle words and phrases Horowitz chose for their popular use in American culture, among them: “The Olive Garden,” “Boo Yah,” “Hey buddy, can I get an order of mozzarella sticks?” and “Charlie Sheen.”

After receiving a degree in English from Hobart, Horowitz called Charlie Rose, whom he had previously interned with, and got a job as a producer for the sports, media and entertainment segments of his nationally acclaimed PBS talk show. Horowitz spent the next four years there. He went on to write for a number of magazines, including Entertainment Weekly, Filmmaker, Interview and US Weekly, and to produce a string of national talk-shows before his career took another turn. Incorporating his enthusiasm for filmmaking and interviewing, Horowitz began picking the creative minds of 20 of today’s most popular filmmakers including Kevin Smith, Trey Parker and Jon Favreau. A year later, Horowitz’s first book, “The Mind of the Modern Moviemaker” was being sold in bookstores throughout America.

“American Talk with Josh Horowitz” can be seen online.

While a student at Hobart, Horowitz was a member of Chimera honor society, worked at WEOS-FM, and spent a semester off-campus studying in New York City. He received the Nathan D. Lapham Prize in Public Speaking at Charter Day in 1998.


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