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Eco Reps at work at HWS

New on campus this fall are 19 “Eco Representatives,” comprised of students from every class, who volunteer their time to help make Hobart and William Smith more environmentally sustainable. The idea for Eco Reps was conceived last spring by Anna Hertlein ’12 who believes that peers educating peers can be the most effective means of getting a message across. The Eco Reps program was made possible this year with the help of Sustainability Coordinator Jamie Landi ’08. 

“Eco-Reps play an important role on our campus because of their enthusiasm to create a more sustainable living environment,” says Hertlein, “We help students recognize their individual impact on the environment, which has resulted in a more environmentally-conscious student body.”

Eco Reps monitor the environmental aspects of residential living spaces, such as energy use,  recycling, broken fixtures and open windows, and then report the issues to personnel who can fix the problem. In addition, the Eco Reps have been helping the HWS Goes Green Program with its Issue of the Month campaign, and will work this coming semester to draw data from energy meters to track building energy performance. The institution can then know what living spaces are doing best to reduce their overall consumption of energy and what areas could use help.

Students with an idea on how to create a more sustainable living space at HWS, or who would like to join the Eco Reps, can contact James Landi at     

In the photo above, eco-reps meet with Sustainability Coordinator Jamie Landi.