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Ground Zero Debate Video Online

A video of the HWS Debate Team going up against the reigning world champion team from the University of Sydney, Australia, as to whether what is known as the “Ground Zero Mosque” should be relocated has been included on a website developed to inspire international debate on the topic.

The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) set up the site to promote a rational discussion of the issue. On the site, the organization notes it “believes that free and reasoned discussion is essential to the establishment and preservation of democratic societies. The lack of a well-informed public debate on Park51 has led us to launch this initiative, which aims to encourage young people to engage in the reasoned and open debate that controversial issues such as this should inspire in open societies.”

The HWS Debate Team is included in a section titled, “Debating Resources,” and is accessed under the heading, “Video of a good debate.”

“It’s quite a good debate. HWS really holds their own against the world’s top debaters,” says Eric Barnes, assistant professor of philosophy and the team’s adviser.


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