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Get a Mug Shot

It is the best time of the year to enjoy a hot beverage. You know what you need? A mug!

Campus Greens will wrap up the Mug Shot campaign with a Finale Week the last week of classes this semester. The weather is ideal to bring that cup of tea or hot cocoa with you to class and coffee is a must as we move into finals week. So Campus Greens is coordinating with the College Store to make sure that you can caffeinate in a sustainable and affordable way.

On Friday, Dec. 3, the College Store will offer 30 percent off all mugs in stock. That means that you get a discount on the mug AND a discount on coffee from the café when you bring your own mug. PLUS you have a chance to be caught by a Campus Greens member and have your photo in This Week in Photos.

According to the paper industry Americans use about 23 billion paper cups annually. Starbucks alone reports that they used 2.3 billion paper cups in 2009. Majority of these cups are not made from recycled matters and are not recycled after use. That is about 363 million pounds of waste and 9.4 million trees being cut down.

So why not use a mug?

1)      It won’t be so hot you can’t carry it

2)      You can personalize your mug or match your mug with your outfit

3)      It will count as your good deed for the day every time you use it

4)      You can fill up your own  mug in Saga

5)      Your drink will stay hot longer

6)      It is a check on the nice side of Santa’s list

7)      It’s a great excuse to make fun of your friends who aren’t using mugs

8)      It will make Campus Greens happy

9)      A really big mug holds a lot of coffee, tea, etc.

10)   You have a chance to have a really goofy picture on the Colleges’ website

Campus Greens members will be out in full force during the last weeks of the semester so make sure you have your mug in hand!