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Success for Oxfam Fast

Before going home for Thanksgiving break, students from all around campus chose to give up a meal in support of ending hunger. In its 25th year at HWS, the Oxfam Fast was able to raise nearly $2,000 for Oxfam America.

The organization is “a famine relief agency that helps people when food is needed and also teaches people to grow more food and become self sufficient for the future,” says Professor Alan Frishman, who has overseen the event for the past 25 years.

This year’s event took place back on Friday, Nov. 19, with students tabling in the Scandling Campus Center to gain support for the fast. Nearly 750 students donated their dinner in Saga for the cause, with the value of the meal being donated to Oxfam.  Between the donated meals and cash contributions from other students, faculty, and staff, the event raised $1,950. Over the course of its history on campus, the Colleges’ community has been able to donate nearly $50,000 to Oxfam America.

Frishman received assistance from more than a dozen students who volunteered for the event. Amnesty International, the Community Service House, and various other students helped table and collect contributions.

“On behalf of all of the people around the world who will be helped by our donation I want to thank everyone who participated,” says Frishman. “It is surely a time for us to be thankful that we have plenty of food and water. I am pleased with the success of the Colleges’ “Oxfam Fast”  which helps to ensure that everyone everywhere has sufficient food and clean water too.”