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Teams Earn Honors at Physics Competition

Two teams of HWS students recently competed in the 2010 University Physics Competition, an international contest for undergraduate students. One of the teams was awarded a bronze medal ranking and the other was awarded an accomplished competitor ranking.

Each of the 58 teams that entered in the competition was composed of up to three students and was allotted 48 hours to analyze a real-world scenario using the principles of physics. During the contest, the teams were allowed to use books, journals, computers, and the Internet, as long as they did not consult with any person outside of their team. After doing the appropriate research, the teams were required to write a formal paper describing their work.

All of the competitors were allowed to choose one of two scenarios to analyze. This year’s scenarios included “Aerobraking a Space Probe at Neptune” and “Trebuchet: The Dynamics of a Medieval Siege Engine.” Both of the HWS teams chose the second scenario and, due to their hard work, both received high rankings in the competition. Selina Sha ’12 and Jing Luo ’12 took 5th place out of 27 teams responding to the scenario and Wade Perkins ‘12, Marcela Melara ‘12, and Cameron Avelis ’11 ranked 15th out of 27.