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Khan’s Editorial on Pakistan Prime Minister Published

Feisal Khan, assistant professor of economics, had his editorial “New Prime Minister a Step in the Right Direction for Pakistan” published in the Sept. 13 Democrat and Chronicle.

“Since Aziz took the financial helm, Pakistan achieved a minor economic miracle. By March 2004, its foreign debt was reduced by $2 billion, and economic growth raised to nearly 6 percent. Astoundingly, foreign investment rose despite increased political tensions and terrorist violence,” Khan wrote.

“As prime minister, Aziz will have the opportunity to take the next step in Pakistan's economic recovery. Aziz's macroeconomic team has stabilized the economy and he now has a freer hand to implement policies that will convince tens of millions of Pakistanis that they have a future other than fundamentalism, poverty and despair. And this can only make eventual victory in the 'War on Terror' more certain.”