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Phoenix Players Present

In December, the Phoenix Players presented an evening festival of short plays written and directed by students. The annual “10 Minute Plays” event included three plays, produced and performed by two Hobart seniors and a William Smith junior. The plays were presented on the stage in Bartlett Theatre in Coxe Hall.

Andrew Tortora ’11 presented a play titled, “The Good Life or It’s for the Best Really,”  which tells the story of a character named Constantinople who discovers that he is just a character in a story. The author accidentally created a conscious character. However, his first creation Peddler, moves the plot along, changing from costume to costume, indicating story changes. The play asks the question: Will Constantinople be able to reach some sort of freedom?

“Honey: Two young men, Andy and Tommy” was presented by Mark Makepeace ‘11. The men have just murdered Cleetus Deplinger, who was accused of the murder of Andy’s mother. While Tommy goes to get the shovel to finish the job, the nosy county sheriff, Judd, arrives. While instigating the situation, Judd reveals that Cleetus was never guilty of murder. In the realization that they’ve killed the wrong man, they realize that they must kill Judd too.

The third production was created by Jessamyn Martinez ’12 who presented a play called “About You Now.” The lead character is Haydn Meyers, the most popular girl in school obsessed with the color pink. She must rule her friends, by enforcing strict color codes (April must wear yellow, Luna must wear purple) and she must rule over stupid, jock boyfriend, Michael. However, things get ugly when Luna discovers that Michael is cheating on her with April. With the help of Luna’s imagination, a lead pipe, a switch blade, and a butcher knife: Haydn and Luna murder April and Michael to the song “About You Now” by the Sugababes.

The Phoenix Players is a student-managed organization that presents a variety of work acted, designed, and directed by students each year.