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DeLucia ’04 “On the Ladder”

Lisa M. DeLucia ’04 was recently featured in the Democrat and Chronicle’s “On the Ladder” segment. DeLucia is a pediatric dentist who returned to the Rochester, N.Y., area from Boston this summer.

According to the article, “Since returning from Boston in August, she has worked for two private practices and the Rochester General Hospital while completing a fellowship at the University of Rochester.”

DeLucia graduated with a B.S. in biology and public policy studies, magna cum laude and with Honors. She was a member of the Laurel Society and inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Additionally, DeLucia studied abroad in Denmark, Copenhagen.

The full profile of DeLucia follows.

Democrat and Chronicle
On The Ladder: Lisa M. DeLucia

Driadonna Roland • Staff writer• January 3, 2011

Lisa M. DeLucia has shut the books on graduate work and moved back to the Rochester area, but things have only gotten busier for the 29-year-old Greece resident.

Since returning from Boston in August, she has worked for two private practices and the Rochester General Hospital while completing a fellowship at the University of Rochester.

It helps that some of her patients are as young as six months old, DeLucia said.

“It’s hard to keep up the energy when you have to do it five days a week for eight hours a day, but once you get rolling, it’s easy to feed off the energy of the patients,” she said.

We spoke with DeLucia recently about her dentistry lineage, her soft spot for patients with special needs and how Rochester compares to Boston.

Your dad’s a dentist and mom’s a hygienist. Did you ever consider working in a different field?
I never was really drawn to dentistry until later in college. I thought I wanted to go into medicine, but I did a few internships and realized this may not be what I’m looking for.

Dentistry was a great way to still use those people skills, be hands on and really take my science knowledge and put it into practice.

What attracted you to pediatric dentistry?
Kids are a really fun group and there’s such a variety of personalities, and they’re so moldable. If you set the pace for a good experience and for good habits, it really makes a difference down the line. I just found that it was a group that I could really interact with and make a difference with. It’s so different seeing them as a three year old, and then even six months later they change and their personalities grow.

You moved back to Rochester and began working on a fellowship at the University of Rochester. What does that entail?
The Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities fellowship deals primarily with families and children with developmental needs. It’s a multidisciplinary group of 16 professionals, and I’m the only dentist. We each are learning about public policy and how to help and advocate for families with developmental disabilities.

We’re (also) paired up with a family that has a child with a disability. We go out and do activities with them, go to their homes and learn what it’s like to be in a family with a child with a disability.

You mentioned that pediatric dentists are trained to treat patients with complex conditions such as autism and Down’s Syndrome. Is that challenging?

It’s very rewarding. You have to have a ton of patience for it, but those little steps are really such a huge milestone. I would like to gain more experience working with them and I think the fellowship will help.

How does Rochester compare to living in Boston, where you completed your residency in pediatric dentistry?
I think there’s a lot to do here, but you definitely have to seek it out a bit more than you do in Boston. And of course the weather is a little colder and snowier. But it’s nice to be able to drive and park right outside the front door. In Boston you park miles away and take the train, so it’s very different. When I came home I had to buy a car for the first
time in two years.

What do you do outside of work?
I really like to cook and entertain; it’s one of my favorite things to do. I like to have dinner parties, and it’s been really nice being back because I have friends from college and dental school and friends from home who have never met each other. It’s great to have these parties so they can meet each other and can all become friends. I really like biking and being outside and reconnecting with my family and friends here.

Do you have any words of wisdom that you try to live by?
If you learn to always be generous with your time, your talent, your energy, your enthusiasm, it really makes a difference in all your interactions with people. If you’re generous with your talents, then you’re doing them to your fullest abilities. If you’re generous with your time, then people really appreciate that and feel like they’re really important to you.

Lisa M. DeLucia

Age: 29
Occupation: Pediatric dentist
Residence: Greece
Education: Bachelors in biology and public policy from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, dental degree from University of Buffalo, residency in pediatric dentistry at the Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard School of Dental Medicine, currently in a fellowship program at University of Rochester Medical Center
Community Activities: Junior League of Rochester