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HWS Outreach to Geneva Middle School

On Friday, Feb. 11, students at Geneva Middle and High School will have a chance to learn about career options from several members of the HWS community at the Career Fair. It is an opportunity for the students to explore an array of career options and dialogue with individuals who are actually involved in specific employment areas.

Lori Greene, career coordinator at the Middle School,  hopes the event “will help students be better prepared about the job market and career opportunities.”

During the three hour event, students will be able to move freely through the fair and approach employers’ tables to talk with them about careers in their organization. With more than 40 community members participating, students will have the opportunity to learn about careers from entrepreneurs, a biologist, news and radio reporters, human resource managers, marketing directors, business owners, neighborhood and community resource center directors, nurses, bankers, and more.

Participating at the fair are several members of the Colleges’ community including  Chris Beattie, associate director of the Department of Campus Safety; Mary Herlihy Gearan, speaking out her career as a lawyer; Kelly McLaughlin, director of operations for the Office of Information Technology; Alejandra Molina, the director of Intercultural Affairs; Darnell Peirce, an area coordinator for the Office of Residential Education; Gerald Scott, a cook with Sodexo; and Jeffrey Wetherill, technical support in the Office of Information Technology.

Molina decided to participate in the hope that she can “help students learn details about careers that a job description of a catalogue cannot fully explain.” In addition, she is preparing a “cheat sheet” about possible career opportunities for individuals that hold a degree in the humanities, like her, as a professor and also about her other two professions as an amateur playwright and director of Intercultural Affairs.