Faculty perform at inspireDANCE Festival – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Faculty perform at inspireDANCE Festival

Associate Professors of Dance Michelle Iklé and Cadence Whittier, and Professor of Dance Donna Davenport presented two pieces in the inspireDANCE Festival at the University of Rochester on Friday, Feb. 4. Both dances were produced by Rochester Contemporary Dance Collective’s (RCDC) Dance Dialogues project.

With Jeanne Schickler Compisi ’96, Davenport and Iklé premiered “Third Wheel.” The trio is a composition re-envisioned, dramatically transforming a 2007 duet, “Inside the Box,” that had been performed seven times in multiple venues.  Schickler Compisi and Iklé performed the same role as Davenport’s duet partner in different cities, from Ithaca, NY, to Tacoma, Wash.  The new dance, to music by Buena Vista Social Club, is a piece about a piece, a trio about seeking a trio, dancers in duets negotiating relationships and isolation playfully.


“Spin” (2010), an audience favorite, comically and satirically explores the “spin” of political pundits. Verbal discourse is translated into physical action through exaggerated body attitudes, repetitive but familiar gestures, and “noisy” combative interactions. The dance begins with performers Iklé and Whittier sitting atop two spinning stools. As the piece progresses so does the spin: the movement becomes out-of-control as the duality between the dancers becomes more and more exaggerated.

Both of these works will be performed again as part of the kick-off concert for the “Locally Grown Dance Festival” at Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, Cornell University, on Thursday, March 3, at 7:30 p.m.  For more info: http://theatrefilmdance.cornell.edu/events/lgdf.cfm

In the top photo, Davenport is featured with Compisi performing “Inside the Box” at the William Smith Centennial Alumnae Dance Concert. In the second photo,Whittier and Ikle’ perform “Spin” in April 2010.