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Zeldin’s Six-part Series Published

Martel Zeldin, visiting professor and senior research associate, has co-written and co-edited a six-book series titled “Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements.” The series was published by Wiley-Interscience. Volume One is an historical summary of the titled area; Volume Two discusses organoiron polymers; Volume Three addresses biomedical application on inorganic and organometallic polymers; Volume Four focuses attention on group four element polymers; Volumes Five and Six highlight the synthesis, properties, and applications of inorganic and coordination polymers, respectively. The series co-authors and co-editors are A.S. Abd-El-Aziz (University of Winnipeg), C. E. Carraher, Jr. (Florida Atlantic University), and C. U. Pittman (Mississippi State University), and J. E. Sheats (Rider College).