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Sheidlower ’88 and Bryce Capital Management Launch New Mutual Funds

Bryce Capital Management, an investment portfolio management firm, has new mutual funds (Core Growth and Value Strategy) open for new investment. Ed Sheidlower, a founding principal of Bryce Capital Management, is a 1988 graduate of Hobart College. He recently announced the formation and national Rollout of the Bryce Capital Funds, a family of No Load Mutual Funds. The press release from Bryce Capital Management is below.

New Mutual Funds Launch with Track-Record of Success
Sept. 14, 2004 Rochester, N.Y.—Bryce Capital Management, an investment portfolio management firm, is proud to announce the formation of the Bryce Capital Mutual Fund Group, and that today, the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has declared Bryce’s new mutual funds – Core Growth and Value Strategy- to be open for new investment.

Uniquely, these new funds come with a pedigree and track record of success. Bryce cofounder Dennis Lohouse noted that the Funds’ Prospectus includes its private-client performance, because the performance record is fully audited, verified, and includes all accounts of similar style. Bryce has outperformed the SP500’s 1, 3, and 5-year returns, and the firm is regularly ranked as a “World’s Best Money Manager” by Thomson Financial’s Nelson Information Service.

Lohouse noted that the funds have been launched in response to popular demand from existing and prospective clients who would like to invest less than the firm's account minimum. “We have significant demand from our 401(k) clients and from individuals who have watched us grow over the years,” he explained. “Now many of the same advantages available to our private clientele will also be available to other individual investors. With just a $2500 minimum, we encourage investors with IRA rollovers and 401k accounts from previous employers to roll them over into our new funds.”

Co-Founder Edmond D. Sheidlower commented, “Our goal here is to provide highly competitive investment performance by applying our tried and tested approach to the Funds which are cost-effective vehicles with low barriers to entry. Our funds are no-load, and since Bryce Capital distributes them, the shares will carry no sales charges or so-called deferred sales charges.”

Sheidlower also added, “Given the recent ethical and regulatory problems at some of the largest fund complexes, we think it’s important to offer investors low-cost, high performance funds managed with the highest ethical standards. For example, even before the SEC made it a requirement for all funds, we instituted an independent Board and Chairperson.” The funds are initially available in three states: New Hampshire, New York, and Florida; other states will be added over time based on demand.

About Bryce Capital Management, LLC
Bryce Capital is an independent portfolio management company specializing in core growth and quantitative value investing. Co-founded by Dennis E. Lohouse and Edmond D. Sheidlower, the firm offers its management and advisory services to funds, families, individuals, institutions, pensions, and not-for-profit organizations. For more information, visit