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Interning for the “Write” stuff

Emily Anatole ’11 hasn’t been lounging around waiting for her dream job to come knocking on her door, but instead she has pursued several internships in New York City over summer breaks.  Anatole worked at publications such as Lucky and W magazines, and, and last summer she had her favorite internship of them all, working at Alloy Media + Marketing.  

“My internship at Alloy led me to discover my dream job, which is entertainment journalism,” she says.  At Alloy, Anatole served as a digital editorial intern and had responsibilities ranging from maintaining social media to pitching ideas to media outlets, as well as researching and writing articles which were featured on, and 

Through this internship she gained two freelance positions which she juggles on top of working to complete her double majors in Media and Society and Writing and Rhetoric.  One position is with Alloy and the other is with 

“Alloy was looking for real girl bloggers to serve as role models for young girls and write about their college experiences,” she says.  “I blog once a week about the ins and outs of college, and offer advice about school, friends and growing up.  It’s a yearlong freelance position and it keeps me in tune with the Alloy audience.”

Additionally, she writes between two and four articles a day for about the ABC Family TV show “Pretty Little Liars.”  “It seemed a little daunting at first but now that I’ve been doing it for awhile it’s been an amazing experience.”

Through her own research on Twitter, blogs and magazines she reports breaking news about the show and its stars.  “The position requires me to be prepared for anything since news is always breaking. It has helped me enhance my writing and editing skills. Freelancing has also taught me a lot about time management since I have to balance schoolwork and blogging.” 

Even while Emily was abroad in Norwich, England, she managed to contribute to This virtual internship resulted in her being their official UK correspondent and contributed stories about British style, stores and the fashion scene in England. 

Anatole has also begun an Honors project on entertainment journalism under the direction of Professor of Writing and Rhetoric Cheryl Forbes. She is also working on a project called HWSpotlight with Valentina Cuevas ’11. The feature is a Blog ( in which she interviews HWS students about their fashion and pop culture interests.

As for the future, Anatole says she is uncertain. “I know I want to stick with entertainment, media and writing, but I’ll see where everything takes me.”

The photo above was taken while Anatole was studying abroad in England.