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Academy Awards Screening Party

This Sunday, Feb. 27, the suspense will finally be over.  The 83rd Academy Awards are being presented, and movie lovers around the country will have the chance to see how their favorite films stack up (or simply to marvel at the outfits on the red carpet).

To celebrate the occasion, the Media and Society Program invites all students to the Geneva Room for an Academy Awards Screening Party.  The event will start at 8 p.m. and last until the end of the show, though guests should feel free to come and go at any time.  In the spirit of the occasion, formal dress is encouraged, and guests will have the chance to walk down their own red carpet on the way in.

After making their arrivals, students can sit back and watch the proceedings unfold on the room’s main screen.  Another, smaller screen will be set up to display Twitter feed about the show, and to share behind-the-scenes footage from  Guests will be invited to cast votes for their favorite nominees, with Oscar Statuettes awarded for the most successful predictions.  Refreshments will also be provided.

The screening party was first held last year by the History of Television class, which is now joined by Cultures of Advertising in hosting the event.  While the evening certainly offers a fun time for guests, the organizers also hope to provide a venue for deeper consideration of the Oscars’ significance. 

“It’s a great event because students can socialize and enjoy a party atmosphere while reflecting on the ways that the Hollywood industry and televised awards shows reflect our cultural moment,” says Assistant Professor Leah Shafer.

So if you want to see whether your favorite movie wins Best Picture or if your favorite actress takes home an Oscar, stop by the Geneva Room on Sunday for a fun and insightful evening.  Anyone who can’t attend the event but wants to listen to the discussion can follow mdsc203a or mdsc203sp11 on Twitter for real-time updates.