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East vs. West Competition

The 2nd annual East vs. West Sustainability Competition begins on Tuesday, March 1 and will run until March 31. The campus will be divided along Pulteney Street, pegging the East Side of campus against the West Side of campus in a race to see which side can improve their environmental sustainability the most during the month of March.

Keeping in mind the goals of the 10% and 10% campaign, this year’s East vs. West competition will allow students, faculty and staff the chance to compete to reduce both their energy consumption as well as increase their recycle rate. There will be a winner in both categories!

Last year the East Side sneaked out ahead of the West Side in the last week of the competition, but the West will have a chance for redemption as they battle to reduce their energy consumption and increase their recycling. The Office of Sustainability will calculate the recycling rate on a daily basis while campus Eco-Reps, with the much appreciated assistance of Buildings and Grounds, will be out and about campus reading the energy meters of various buildings to calculate the total energy consumption.

Help put your side over the top by remembering to turn off your lights, keep windows closed, turn the heat down and recycle, recycle, recycle! In the race to see who will emerge victorious in this year’s East vs. West competition, both sides of campus will work to achieve the overall campus goal of a 10% increase in recycling rate and a 10% decrease in energy consumption. To follow along with the progress of the competition be sure to check out the 10% and 10% Facebook page!

Link to facebook = http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-HWS-Goal-10-Energy-Reduction/109553915786854


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