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Roncolato ’07 and Caro ’07 Featured for Helping Voter Registration

Leanne Roncolato '07 and Yohanka Caro '07 were featured in the Sept. 24 Finger Lakes Times article “Hearing the Latino voice: Effort by HWS students will get Hispanics to polls” for their efforts in helping Latino Genevans register to vote. They had voter registration forms written in Spanish, and approached people shopping at Madia's Big M, as well as door-to-door.

“It's becoming more and more important that this [Latino] voice is heard really strongly. I think it's an interesting dynamic in upstate New York. If all of us start thinking that each of our votes count, then the system will work like it should,” said Roncolato. They wanted to give the Latino community greater access not only to registration forms, but also to information regarding the voting process.

“When Leanne was the one talking, they were kind of skeptical, but once they realized I spoke Spanish, they were a lot more comfortable,” Caro said.

Rosario Vivado-Millington '74 said in the article that the major avenues of communication, namely print and audio media, do not tend to reach the Hispanic population. “I didn't know what the primaries were. I didn't know about the caucuses [when I moved to this country],” she said.