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East vs. West Continues

With the East vs. West competition well underway, the battle to increase recycling by 10 percent and lower energy consumption by the same amount continues. Dividing the campus along Pulteney Street, the competition challenges the two sides to improve the Colleges’ environmental sustainability.

Spring break presents the perfect time for some spring cleaning, and offices across campus are getting the Green treatment –  with newspapers, file folders and cardboard being thrown into blue recycle bins. Faculty and staff are encouraged to be particularly mindful that while their students are off campus, the East vs. West competition falls on their shoulders.

“My first year as an R.A., we coined the phrase, ‘East Side, Strong Side,'” says Jordan Youngmann ’10, Finger Lakes Regional Stream Monitoring Network Project Coordinator at the Finger Lakes Institute. “If we can muster up that optimism again, we can certainly best the West Side.”

Although the East Side took home the trophy last year, the West Side has outshone their competitor several weeks in a row, and can certainly make a comeback with the help of faculty and staff.

“The West Side Blue Bombers – aka as the Bristol Field House Gang – are dunking every recyclable item in sight,” boasts Russ Hess, Director of Recreation, Intramurals and Fitness. “Can anyone on the East side seriously compare to this group?”

Anyone needing a blue bin for his or her office can contact HWS Sustainability Coordinator Jamie Landi at landi@hws.edu to have one delivered. For more information on the East vs. West, visit http://www2.hws.edu/article-id-14005, or monitor the competition’s weekly progress at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-HWS-Goal-10-Energy-Reduction/109553915786854


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