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When Lucy Washed Ashore

Alumna Meredith Madden’99 published her first novel, “When Lucy Washed Ashore,” earlier this month.  

An engaging portrayal of a young woman’s life and trials, it is described on Amazon.com as: “The tender story of what happens when a young woman braves unknown waters, releases herself to the shifting tides of her life, and washes ashore to the people and places that were waiting for her all along. When Lucy Howard, an artistic dreamer, arrives as a freshman at the prestigious Merrilton College, the scenes of her working-class upbringing on Martha’s Vineyard fade into the backdrop of the elite world surrounding her. Lucy’s college life of new friends, riveting discussions, art shows, and an enthralling winter break in Manhattan is a welcomed change from the ordinary island life that she has come to know. But along with the elation over her changing life comes deep concern as she realizes that her heart is drifting away from her first love, Vineyard fisherman Cal Stewart, and into the hands of her roommate’s older brother, Ben White. And just when she is certain that her choice in love is the right one, Lucy is faced with yet another decision, one far more difficult than she was prepared for…

Madden graduated from William Smith Class of 1999 with a B.A. in sociology. She minored in Russian Area Studies. As a student, Madden participated in study abroad to Galway, Ireland. After graduation, she went on to earn master’s degrees from both The George Washington University and Mercy College. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Cultural Foundations of Education at Syracuse University.