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Mott Speaks About Careers in Optics

Len Mott ’66, president and co-founder of MLD Technologies, will join the Colleges’ Professionals in Residence speaker series on Wednesday, March 30. Mott will deliver the talk, “Beyond Physics: Careers in Optics, Aerospace and More,” at 7 p.m. in Gulick 100. He will also attend a tea in Eaton 114 at 3:30 p.m. followed by a talk entitled, “Thin Film Optics,” at 4 p.m. prior to his PIR Colloquium.

In 1997, Mott, along with two colleagues in the optics industry, co-founded MLD Technologies, a company that designs and produces optical coatings and components that are used for commercial, medical, scientific and aerospace purposes.  Made by depositing a combination of extremely thin layers in a vacuum chamber, optical coatings serve to control the reflection and transmission of light. Among the company’s many specialized products are laser mirrors, lenses and crystals, which are used in such technologies as the development of new laser systems for eye surgery.

Before founding the company, Mott’s work dealt with projects ranging from satellite optics to laser mirrors.  Mott’s cofounders, Tony Louderback and Gary DeBell, also had extensive backgrounds in optics and laser systems. In fact, Louderback invented the technology that MLD uses to create their products today. Now partnered with DiMaxx Technologies, a company specializing in the production of optics from glass, crystals and metals, DiMaxx and MLD together employ about 50 people, half of whom are professionals with degrees in optics, physics, or engineering.

Mott earned a bachelor’s degree in physics and was a member of Kappa Sigma while at Hobart. He also earned a MBA and MS in optical sciences from the University of Arizona. He has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of optical thin-film components. At Spectra-Physics Optics Corporation he became vice president, and at Optical Coating Laboratory, he was manager of High Volume Operations. Mott holds a patented invention in the field of wear-resistant optical coatings.

Sponsored by the Salisbury Center for Career Services, Professionals in Residence offers opportunities for students to speak one-on-one with individuals with successful careers who are willing to share some tips of the trade that come only with individual experience.