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Henking Publishes on Higher Education

In a major review essay examining recent books on higher education, Susan Henking, professor of religious studies at HWS, has argued that American higher education is at a crucial turning point in its self-understanding and in its institutionalization.

In addition to the many demographic, technological, economic, and justice issues facing higher education, Henking argues that “the changing situation of religion in global culture, in American culture, and in our classrooms. . . is a key addition to the list of challenges and opportunities facing us all as we shape higher education of the twenty-first century.”

The article, titled “Religion, Religious Studies and Higher Education: Into the 21st Century,” appears in the April/June 2004 issue of “Religious Studies Review.”

Henking came to the Colleges in 1988, after teaching appointments at Colgate University, Western Illinois University, and the University of Chicago. She has twice chaired the religious studies department and for a time served as acting provost and dean of faculty for the Colleges.

She has a long list of publications and book reviews, is frequently invited to speak at conferences and religious studies associations, and is the series editor for the Teaching Religious Studies series of the American Academy of Religion, the pre-eminent national organization for religious studies teachers and scholars (AAR). She is also co-editor of “Que(e)rying Religion,” one of the first major anthologies examining the intersection of religion and homosexuality.