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Senior Choreographers Bring Work to Life

The Senior Choreographers’ Concert will take place on Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2 at 7:30 p.m. in Winn-Seeley Theater. There is an open dress rehearsal on Thursday, March 31 at 7:30 p.m. Three senior dance majors, Rebecca Borsuk, Kathryn Bowering and Nichole Geary choreographed and produced the one-hour concert. Performers include 15 dancers ranging from first years to seniors.

The concert will open with a warm up to welcome audience members to the theater. Feel free to chat with others, find a seat, and enjoy the music as the dancers warm up on stage.

The first piece, “Perception,” addresses questions of conformity and behavior within groups. Borsuk  created this piece with the mass media’s influence on public perceptions in mind, following her personal interest in how individuality is affected by society.

“No Expiration Date” is the second piece in the concert, a duet between Bowering and Geary that explores their long time relationship as friends and dance partners through the use of positive and negative space.

Bowering’s piece, “Manifest,” considers the many different ways in which personal identity manifests itself, and the three different sections of the piece display vastly different aesthetic and movement qualities.

“Transect” is a solo piece choreographed and performed by Borsuk. This piece works with distinct patterns in space and explores the juxtaposition of arcs and lines within movement.

The final piece in the concert, “Funk’d Up,” explores polyrhythms and energy dynamics. Geary’s choreography utilizes spatial patterns and rhythmic timing to create an energetic close to the show.

Admission to the Senior Choreographers’ Concert is free, and donations will be accepted for the HWS Capital Campaign’s Performing Arts Center Initiative.