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Banks and Pliner Publish Article

William Smith Dean Cerri Banks and Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Susan Pliner recently published an article in New Direction for Teaching and Learning. The article “Using an intersectional approach to deepen collaborative teaching,” was included in the Spring 2011 edition, the journal’s 125th issue.

The article builds on the work that Banks and Pliner have done through the Colleges’ Commission on Inclusive Excellence, and examines the new challenges that colleges across the country are facing as diversity increases on campuses. In particular they discuss facilitating classroom dialogues and interactions relating to student identity and social constructs.

Through the theory of intersectionality, a field of study which seeks to examine racial, ethnic, ability, age, sexuality and gender disparities through a critical lens and challenge the ways society currently looks at these constructions, Banks and Pliner provide examples of ways in which faculty developers can rise to meet this challenges and strengthen a college campus. They suggest that organized efforts such as teaching consultations or faculty reading groups can help students, faculty and staff address issues of identity and power.

The volume is available online at