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Thevenin ’12 Returning to DA’s Office

With spring just around the corner – give or take a few errant snowflakes – students across campus are beginning to look toward the summer. Among them is Mirabelle Thevenin ’12, who will be returning for a second year to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.  She plans to intern with its Investigation Bureau, a division that helps address serious, high-profile and violent crimes.

Thevenin first became involved with the D.A.’s office last year, when she interned in the Early Case Assessment Bureau. There, she processed arrests before they went to court, helping to decipher the facts of the incident. By reading police reports, interviewing arresting officers, and talking to witnesses, she gathered information to write complaint reports to help determine the charges. This work also allowed Thevenin to complete an independent study on Miranda rights, in which she investigated how often suspects are Mirandized at the time of the arrest. 

“Police officers have a lot of authority, and people can be intimidated and don’t always know what their rights are,” she explains, noting when this happens, suspects may say things that they might not have had they been better informed, putting them at a disadvantage in the legal process. This summer, she plans to once again combine real-world experience with academics by incorporating her internship into an honors project.

While Thevenin has gathered career experience and academic opportunities during her time at the D.A.’s office, she says she has learned life lessons as well.  In particular, she has learned that  “you have to be very careful about who you associate with. You can get in trouble for anything, and even a small mistake will stick with you.”

Thevenin located these internships with the help of the Salisbury Center for Career Services, where she has been going since her first-year.  The office has also helped her find multiple job shadowing opportunities, including one during winter break with a family court judge in New Jersey.

A philosophy major, Thevenin is double minoring in both law and society, and writing and rhetoric.  She plans to attend law school after graduation; specifically, she hopes to pursue entertainment law. On campus, she is a resident assistant in Caird Hall, an America Reads tutor, and a member of the Learn to Lead program. She is also involved in Community Council, and works for Student Activities and the Cellar Pub.