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McDonald’s Local Roots Noted

Jack Garner of the Democrat and Chronicle recently pointed out the local roots of Christopher McDonald ’77 in his column, noting the Finger Lakes native is currently appearing regularly on “Harry’s Law.”

Garner writes:

“Have you discovered the quirky charms of Harry’s Law, the season’s new series with Kathy Bates as an unorthodox lawyer at a firm housed in a shoe store? It’s well worth seeing, in large part because of the strong supporting performance of Christopher McDonald as Thomas ‘Tommy’ Jefferson, a clever but very cocky ambulance-chasing attorney whose brazen exterior masks a strangely sensitive soul. He’s the perfect foil for the sincere and highly ethical Harriet (Bates).

I bring up McDonald because some of you may not realize the veteran and highly recognizable character actor has area roots. Though born in New York, McDonald was raised in Romulus, Seneca County. However, he went to college a bit closer to us, at Hobart and William Smith in Geneva. He’s a regular on a lot of television, and has also had strong roles in theatrical films, both comedic and dramatic, including The Perfect Storm, Requiem for a Dream, Happy Gilmore and Thelma & Louise.

But upstate connection or not, his Tommy Jefferson and the entire Harry’s Law gang are well worth a look-see. It airs Monday nights at 10 on NBC (DT-10.1, channel 10).”

An article about McDonald’s appearances on the show appeared earlier this year on the Colleges’ Daily Update.