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Chu Featured in FLT

Sandra Chu, head William Smith crew coach, was featured in the Oct. 4 Finger Lakes Times story “Keep it all together: Digital assistants help residents stay organized.” Chu uses a personal digital assistant (PDA) because she grew tired of carrying cumbersome date and address books with her everywhere.

“It's very thin, light and it takes up less real estate in the purse,” Chu said. She has had one since 1998, when her husband Derek Lustig, information technologist, bought her one as a gift. He also uses a PDA. Not only is a PDA less cumbersome to carry, Chu said, it's also a great way to get things done faster, like coordinate her calendar and contacts. She can also tap into the Colleges' Internet system, so she can download files.

“It's everything I need to know, and I don't need to be in my office,” she said.